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Saara Hopea´s Christmas

Porvoo-born Saara Hopea-Untracht was one of Finland’s most esteemed designers. She was a skilled craftsman herself and emphasized the importance of knowing the essential characteristics of materials and the technology suited to their use.

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Saara Hopea-Untracht from Porvoo is one of the Finnish designers, who with a new approach to design, led Finland during the post-war period towards international success. She began her career as a furniture designer by Majander Oy and as a draughtsman by Ab Taito Oy. In 1952 she was hired for Nuutajärvi on initiative of Kaj Frank, the artistic director of the company, where she created modern, functional, colourful and internationally rewarded, appealing as well as stacking, utensils.

She was a skilled craftsman. She understood the importance of mastering techniques as well as matter, and she was successful in several fields. In 1958 she began designing jewellery, a field in which she attracted much attention. The company in Porvoo, Ossian Hopea, was run by her family. The 1960´s she spent with her husband Oppi Untracht in USA, Nepal and India, where local cultures and techniques inspired her to design enamels and textiles. Her lifelong interest in traditional Finnish straw mobiles led to imaginative creations in both plastic and metal.

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