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October 2006–December 2020

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Permanent exhibition On the Border - Three Karelian Cities: Lappeenranta, Viipuri and Käkisalmi

The ongoing exhibition Three Karelian Cities relates the central chapters in the history of Lappeenranta, Vyborg, and Priozersk, which has been affected by their location along accessible routes on the border of East and West. Like many border towns, multiculturalism has been the defining aspect of these three cities as well.

There is also a miniature model of the town of Vyborg in the ongoing exhibition. It presents Vyborg as it was on September 2, 1939. There are screenings of films about the life in Lappeenranta, Vyborg, and Priozersk in the museum cinema. The aim of the exhibition is to provide information and experiences concerning the history of South Karelia for all ages. There is also a mini exhibition for children and a play area with Pekka - the toy barge.
The collections of South Karelia Museum include items and photographs from Lappeenranta and the rest of the South Karelia region, as well from the Karelian Isthmus that is now part of Russia.

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