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Mateli Kuivalatar- exhibition

Parppeinvaara poem village, Ilomantsi

  • 1.6.2012–31.12.2020

Small exhibition of rune singer Mateli Kuivalatar is inside the museum buildings from Mateli´s birth home.


Elias Lönnrot, the collector of traditional Finnish poetry, visited Mateli Kuivalatar in 1838. Lönnrot spent two days writing down Mateli's poems. The visit had a great impact on what was to be included in the Kanteletar, a collection of folk poetry. Some of the poems sung by Mateli are also found in the Kalevala.

Mateli's lyrical ditties were melancholy poetry in which she tells about her life and fate. A quote from Elias Lönnrot compares Mateli's poetry to "a delicate rosa carelica, the rose of Karelia, soft smelling, growing in the wild."

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