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Tracks of Animals

Science Center Tietomaa, Oulu

  • 2.3.2023–31.7.2023

In the interactive Tracks of Animals exhibition you are allowed to take on the role of an animal and try unique experiences.


Can you jump as high as a salmon or catch flies like a frog? Do you have what it takes to step into a bear's winter den or look at our insect friends under a microscope? How long is the wingspan of a white-tailed eagle and what does the ruff look like?

The Tracks of Animals exhibition at Science Centre Tietomaa introduces you to the natural world of the Oulu region and its fascinating species. The exhibition, produced by City of Oulu and the University of Oulu, is a unique combination of the Science Centre's attractions and the collections of the Animal Museum. In the interactive functional exhibition, visitors can try experiences with all their senses.

The exhibition transports the visitor from the hustle and bustle of the city through the sea and the marsh to the middle of the forest. The Fascination of Science section explores how science is done, examines animal skeletons and features a species competition. Vikke, our mascot ermine, will be with you telling you the most amazing things about nature.

The animals in the exhibition are from the University of Oulu's Animal Museum. No animals were harmed for the show. Finnish forest authority Metshallitus is a partner of the exhibition. The exhibition is aimed for nature lovers of all ages.

Welcome to an amazing adventure!

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