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In the heart of Lake Saimaa

Riihisaari – Savonlinna Museum, Savonlinna

  • 1.6.2021–

Exhibition tells the story of the Saimaa ringed seal, humans and the city on the shores of a unique great lake.


As the ice sheet retreated, it revealed sunny beaches with rich fishing waters and hunting grounds, making it possible for humans to settle in the harsh natural conditions. Numerous rock paintings, dwelling places and object discoveries tell the story of how people lived in Saimaa during the Stone Age.

The ringed seal has been a part of that story from the beginning. The ocean and the migratory instinct of the seal brought it to Saimaa and trapped it in the lake environment. Having to share the waters with humans, for a long time, the seal had no choice but to try to avoid humans as its numbers dwindled. Today, education and new ways of thinking have made the Saimaa ringed seal the symbol of a new era of protection.

The castle and the city were built in a place of military and geographic importance. Little by little, the city took shape on the side of the castle, built in 1475.

After centuries of unrest, the city started developing quickly and, thanks to its favourable location, the forest industry and shipbuilding became its most significant industries. Savonlinna became the centre of steamship traffic, and its tar vapours, steam tugs, barges and passenger ships transported goods and people to both nearby waters and all the way to sea.

Being an inhabitant of Savonlinna has also meant living on islands. Nature has set the parameters for human activities to adapt to. Saimaa has been the path of life at all times of the year.

A network of dozens of national parks and other protected areas is available for todays nature tourist. The routes and service structures enable easy and safe hiking at Finlands finest nature sites.

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Riihisaari – Savonlinna Museum, Riihisaari


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