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Admission with Museum Card

South Karelia Museum

Kristiinankatu 15,
53900 Lappeenranta

South Karelia Museum exhibits the history and traditions of Karelia area, on both sides of the eastern boarder.


The collections of the museum are based on the collections of the museums of Lappeenranta, Vyborg and Priozersk (Kkisalmi).

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Museum contact details

South Karelia Museum
Kristiinankatu 15, 53900 Lappeenranta

(05) 616 2255

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Admission fees

Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card

Psymaksut 10/8/0

Payment methods

Kteinen, useimmat luotto- ja debit-kortit.

Opening hours

Mon Closed
Tue 11:00-17:00
Wed 11:00-17:00
Thu 11:00-17:00
Fri 11:00-17:00
Sat 11:00-17:00
Sun 11:00-17:00

2.1.-7.6.2020, 24.8.-30.12.2020 Tue-Sun 11-17, 13.6.-23.8.2020 Mon-Fri 11-17, Sat-Sun 11-17

Guided tours

Guidance by appointment, tel. +358 40 661 2117. Price 130 .