Bring joy to the stars of the spring with a Museum Card – buy gifts now at a fantastic discount!

A Museum Card is an excellent gift for the stars of the spring: for graduating students, birthdays, newlyweds or as a Mother’s Day gift! Get a Museum Card as a gift now for only €67 (normally €76). The year-long ticket to 350 museums suits every taste.

GIFT DISCOUNT: Museum Cards bought as gifts now only €67 (normally €76). The offer is valid until Mother’s Day, 14 May 2023, in the Museum Card online store and in museums.

Buy the gifts for spring and summer in advance! The Museum Card offers something to see for lovers of art, science, music, nature and history. Give a gift that will bring joy and shared moments throughout the entire year.

Buy a Museum Card

How to buy a Museum Card as a gift

When you buy a Museum Card as a gift in our online store, select the option “as a gift” and continue by selecting either a gift envelope or digital gift.

A digital gift will be sent via email and text message. You can schedule the gift to arrive, for example, during a Mother’s Day brunch: you choose the time and date yourself. If you wish, you can add your own text to the gift email message.

A gift envelope, on the other hand, will arrive in a beautiful envelope.

You can also buy a Museum Card as a gift in a museum, in which case you will receive the gift envelope immediately.

A Museum Card is a good gift regardless of whether the giftee already has a Museum Card – give the gift of an additional year! The giftee can add the validity of the new card to a previous card, moving its last valid day forward by 12 months.

Buy a Museum Card a Gift

5 reasons why a Museum Card is a fantastic gift idea

1. Visiting museums is a shared hobby – quality time with culture

It is fun to visit museums to spend time together. How about you start a new culture hobby with a friend and visit a new exhibition every month?

2. Art and culture promote wellbeing

Studies have found that activities involving art and culture have a positive connection to health, quality of life and happiness. Culture experiences can also reduce stress. Relaxing around art after a long week at work can help in recovery.

3. Over 350 museums and hundreds of exhibitions – attractions from Åland to Inari

There are over 350 Museum Card attractions, and exhibitions change continuously. By touring museums, you may surprise yourself and find new favourite museums. With a Museum Card, you can simply pop in a museum! You do not need to see the entire exhibition in one go, and you can visit your favourite exhibitions over and over again.

See all museums >

4. Amazing events and excellent benefits with a Museum Card!

A Museum Card is much more than a ticket to exhibitions. A card owner also has access to many events, such as free yoga, workshops, lectures and concerts. You can find all upcoming events here.

Museums also offer card owners a changing selection of benefits. Take a break during your museum tour and sit down in an atmospheric museum café, enjoy a glass of bubbly with your friend, or dig in to lunch at discount prices.

5. A Museum Card is a gift which brings joy for a long time

Someone who receives a Museum Card as a gift gets to embark on a year-long culture journey. The card and the experiences that come with it will bring to mind the gift giver throughout the year, after which the museum journey can continue by renewing the card.

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