Start a new year of culture and take advantage of the Museum Card special offer

Unused cultural benefits? Make the best decision of the new year and embark on a year-long culture journey! You can buy a Museum Card by using cultural benefits from our online store.

Next year, will you be investing in small breaks in daily life, time together with your loved ones, or are you looking for interesting sights to see around Finland? The Museum Card (€74) offers plenty of experiences and joy for both everyday life and holidays. You can conveniently buy a Museum Card with cultural benefits from the online store. Take advantage of the offer now and get experiences for every day of the year!

SPECIAL OFFER: One extra month for all Museum Cards for free: 12 + 1 months! Museum Cards valid for 13 months are available in the online store and in museums. In addition, renewing a Museum Card is now only €62 (norm. €69/74). The special offer is valid until 31 December 2022.

Buy a Museum Card

What does the Museum Card offer apply to?

All Museum Cards purchased from our online store and museums by 31 December 2022 will be valid for 12+1 months. The benefit applies to all new Museum Cards bought either for yourself or as a gift, as well as card renewals.

You can now also renew your Museum Card for only €62! The offer applies to renewals of both valid and expired Museum Cards.

Can a Museum Card be paid for using cultural benefits?

Cultural benefits offered by employers can conveniently be used to buy a Museum Card from our online store. Smartum balance, Edenred cards, ePassi and Eazybreak can be used as a payment method online. Read more >

When does the Museum Card’s period of validity start?

  • New cards €74: The validity of 13 months for new cards starts only from the first museum visit.
  • Museum Card as a gift €74: Gift cards do not expire until they are used. The validity of a Museum Card as a gift starts from the first visit, as with other new cards. The gift recipient can start using the card whenever they want.
  • Renewing valid cards €62: If your card is still valid, renewing it will push the last day of validity back by the 13 months.
  • Renewing expired cards €62: If your card has already expired, the new 13-month validity period will start from the purchase date.

Where can I buy a Museum Card with the special offer?

The special offer is valid in our online store and at Museum Card attractions. Online bank services, payment cards, cultural benefits, Smartum balance, Edenred card, ePassi and Eazybreak are available payment methods online.

Many museums also accept a broad range of payment methods and cultural benefits. Before visiting a museum, check their opening hours and payment methods from the museum’s own website.

With a Museum Card, you can get easy breaks from the daily rush and visit a museum at any time – even on your way home from work or during a trip to the shops. Photo by Ella Karttunen

Museum visits bring joy to daily life and holidays – start your year-long culture journey now!

How will you take care of your wellbeing next year? Studies have shown that visiting museums awakens positive emotions, helps you relax and offers calming experiences. A museum visit offers a necessary break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Stop by a museum during a trip to the shops, while waiting for a train, or at the end of the work day – a Museum Card allows you to visit a museum easily at any time. Arrange a day at the museum and spend some quality time with your friends, family or colleagues. You can take low-threshold breaks around Finland. Go on a culture tour of your own home town or a short trip to the neighbouring municipality’s museums.

With a Museum Card, you can easily stop by a museum in both your daily life and on holidays in Finland. You can experience over 350 museums, hundreds of exhibitions, dozens of events and benefits that change weekly. Experience the most interesting exhibitions of the year, check out travel tips for memorable trips around Finland, and feel refreshed through culture in the midst of the daily rush.

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