Did you receive a Museum Card as a gift?

1. Register as a Museum Card user

Register as a Museum Card user now: museot.fi/register. You will find the customer number requested either on the temporary, cardboard Museum Card, on the digital gift message sent by email/sms or on the information letter provided by the ticket vendor.

The permanent, plastic Museum Card arrives in about 1-3 weeks following registration. The cards are produced and posted automatically on the basis of the information provided on the registration. The exact delivery date will depend on Posti’s services.

The validity period of a new Museum Card always starts in connection with the first museum visit; when the first museum visit is registered on your card. You will choose the starting date of your cultural journey with the Museum Card.

2. I already have a Museum Card, but now I have received a new one as a gift. What should I do?

If you already have a Museum Card and you get a completely new card as a gift, you can combine these two cards. Combining can be done either on your Customer page, Museum Card app, or at a Museum Card museum. Combining adds another validity period to a card that’s in use. In case your Museum Card has been expired, the new validity period begins when cards are combined.

Combining Museum Cards online:

1. Go to museot.fi/customerpage. Log in with the details of the Museum Card you already have in use.

2. Choose “Combine Cards” and enter the customer number of the new Museum Card. The validity period will be added on your Museum Card.

You can also combine cards on the Museum Card mobile app.

Only a completely unused (unregistered, no museum visits) Museum Card can be combined with a card that’s already in use. After the combining, the extra customer number is invalidated, and can’t be used as an entrance ticket to Museum Card museums. Two cards that are already in use can’t be combined.

3. When does the validity period of my gift Museum Card begin?

The validity period of a new Museum Card always starts in connection with the first museum visit; when the first museum visit is registered on your card. The time of registering as a user doesn’t affect the validity since the validity period starts from the first museum visit.

Please note that if you combined a gift Museum Card with a card already in use, the validity period doesn’t start from the first visit (more info on the section 2. above)

4. Can I visit museums with my gift Museum Card immediately?

Yes, you can visit more than 300 Finnish museums with the customer number on you will find on your temporary gift card or on the digital gift. Also remember to register as a Museum Card user immediately. This way, you will keep your customer number active and receive the permanent Museum Card that will be sent by post to the address provided on the registration.

While you are waiting for your permanent card, you can access Museum Card museums with your customer number and personal identification, or with the Museum Card app to which your customer number has been linked.

Please note, that due to the regional restrictions caused by the COVID19 epidemic, some museums are temporarily closed in different parts of Finland. Always check the up-to-date info and opening hours on the museum's website and social media pages before the visit.

6. How can I extend the validity of my Museum Card?

The Museum Card can be renewed on the Customer Page, at any Museum card museum and on the app. It’s worth renewing the Museum Card beforehand: in 2021, the renewal of a valid Museum Card only costs €68. The renewal of an expired Museum Card, that is a card whose validity has already ended, costs €72. Please note that the pricing of the Museum Card is confirmed in the beginning of each year.

When a Museum Card is renewed, its last valid date is moved forward by 12 months. If the card has expired and is renewed, the validity of 12 months begins from the renewal date.

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