Experiences for every day of the year – check the Museum Card Black Friday offer!

The offer is no longer available! Unlimited experiences – visit museums as often as you want with a Museum Card! Get a Museum Card now for the cheapest price of the year of €62 (normally €74). The special offer is only available online.

The year-long entrance ticket to 350 museums will brighten the everyday life of anyone. Cheer yourself up with a Museum Card or buy Christmas gifts in advance.

The Black Friday price of €62 applies to new Museum Cards, gifts and Museum Card renewals. The offer is available until Monday, 28 November 2022, only in our online store.

See the three buying options below.

1. Buy a new Museum Card

A new Museum Card is valid for 12 months, and this period doesn’t start until you make your first museum visit. You can buy a new Museum Card for the offer price of €62 by selecting the option Museum Card for yourself in our online store.

Buy a Museum Card

2. Renew your Museum Card

Renew your current Museum Card now for €62, the cheapest price of the year.

If your card has already expired, the new 12-month validity period will start from the purchase date. If your card is still valid, its expiration will be postponed by a year.

How to renew your card:

  1. Go to the Your Customer Info page
  2. Enter your customer number or email address
  3. Log in and select Renew your Museum Card!

Renew your card

3. Buy a Museum Card as a Christmas gift

Buy this year’s Christmas gifts well in advance! Give someone the gift of unique experiences for every day of the year.

Select Museum Card as a gift in our online store. You can attach a message to your gift – for example, to wish the recipient a Merry Christmas. You can choose the delivery time of the digital gift, which will be delivered by email and SMS.

Alternatively, you can bring someone joy with a beautiful gift envelope that will be delivered by post.

The Museum Card’s validity period starts from the first museum visit.

The Museum Card is also a suitable gift for someone who already has a Museum Card. The recipient can merge the new validity period with their existing Museum Card and extend the card’s validity by a year. Cards can be merged on the Customer Page or at museums.

Give as a gift

The online offer is available to both new and existing customers. Get a completely new Museum Card, buy a Museum Card as a Christmas gift or renew your Museum Card for the cheaper price of €62. The online offer is not available at museum attractions.

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