Summer offer: Museum Card only 62 € (normal price 74 €)

The Museum Card is a year-long entrance ticket to more than 340 museums in Finland. Travel with the Museum Card, and discover the most fascinating summer destinations all over the country! Photo: Ella Karttunen/Museum Card.

Welcome to museums! Enjoy the cultural summer and take advantage of the Museum Card offer. Buy a new Museum Card or extend the validity of your card for 62 €. The offer is valid online on our web store until Wednesday 15 June, 2022.


  • New Museum Card for yourself or as a gift, €62 (normal price €74)
  • Extending the validity of a currently valid Museum Card, €62 (normal price €69)
  • Extending the validity of an expired Museum Card, €62 (normal price €74)

Take a 12-month cultural journey – all Museum Cards now €62. The offer applies to new cards and validity extensions. The offer is valid until Wednesday 15 June, 23:59 pm, online at museokortti.fi/buy.

Buy a Museum Card online

The Museum Card is your entrance ticket to hundreds of experiences around Finland

The Museum Card is a year-long cultural trip to over 340 museums. The Museum Card museums offer experiences through art, science, history, music, literature, nature, sports and several other sources.

Would you like to take day trips to surrounding areas, get away for a weekend or take longer cultural trips in Finland? Experience the Archipelago Trail or explore summer cities and the Åland Islands – the Finnish treasures can be found in one place! Get to know more than 300 museums and their magnificent exhibitions which you can experience with your Museum Card all around the country.

To help you to plan your trips in Finland, the new Travel Tips service of the Museum Card gathers museums, natural sites and local attractions in one place. You can get discounts and benefits for accommodation and restaurants with the Museum Card. See travel tips on our Finnish website at Museot.fi/matkavinkit.

Purchasing a new Museum Card

If you purchase a new Museum Card online, the 12-month period of validity will only begin with your first museum visit. In other words, you can start using the card when you want. Buy a Museum Card online >

If you buy a new Museum Card at a museum, the first visit is marked straight away. In other words, their 12-month period of validity begins from the date of purchase. So if you want to start using a new Museum Card later, purchase it online. NOTE: the summer offer is only available online.

Extending the validity of your Museum Card

  • When a valid Museum Card is renewed, its last day of validity moves 12 months forward.
  • The new 12-month validity of an already expired card begins on the day of the renewal.
  • You can extend the validity of your Museum Card on the customer page.

Extend the period of validity of your Museum Card:

  1. Go to the customer page
  2. Enter the 12-digit customer ID printed on the Museum Card and your password.
  3. Log in and choose the option of extending the period of validity

Extend the period of validity

Use your cultural benefits and buy a Museum Card at a discounted price now

In our web store, you can pay via online banking services or by payment card, invoice and cultural benefits: Smartum-saldo, Edenred card, ePassi and Eazybreak.

You can easily use any cultural benefits offered by your employer to buy a new Museum Card or extend the period of validity of your existing card. The 12-month period of validity of your new Museum Card will begin with your first museum visit if you buy a new Museum Card online.

The Museum Card is a gift full of experiences. Photo: Ella Karttunen/Museum Card

Museum Card as a summery gift

A 12-month culture trip to more than 300 museums is a perfect gift to anyone. It is a great wedding gift or a birthday present, and a good choice for future parents.

The Museum Card is also a good gift to people who already have a card – you can just extend its validity! The validity of a new Museum Card can be combined with a card purchased previously. In this case, the expiration date will be postponed by 12 months.

When you buy a Museum Card online, the recipient can activate it when ever they want.

The Museum Card is available as a gift envelope or a digital gift. The gift envelope includes a temporary Museum Card and instructions on how to use it. The period of validity of the gift card will begin with the first museum visit. When the recipient registers as a Museum Card user on our customer page, they will be sent a personal, permanent Museum Card.

Digital gifts are delivered by text message and email – you can choose the delivery date and time. When placing an order, you can add your own greetings that will show in the email delivered to the recipient.

Read more about the Museum Card >
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