Use your cultural benefits to get the Museum Card – you will choose the starting date of your 12-month cultural journey

The Museum Card opens the door to more than 300 museums in Finland. The cards period of validity will only begin with the first museum visit, so if you have cultural or recreational benefits that will expire soon, you can use them to pay for the card. Photo: Ella Karttunen / Museum Card

You can easily use any cultural benefits offered by your employer to buy a new Museum Card or extend the period of validity of your existing card. The period of validity of a new card will only begin with your first museum visit, so you can buy the card even if you don’t plan to use it right away.

The Museum Card is an excellent investment in your own well-being, and you can pay for the card with most cultural benefits in our web store. The period of validity of a new Museum Card will not begin until your first museum visit, so the card will not be “spent” until you begin to use it. You can also use your cultural benefits to extend the period of validity of your existing card.

In our web store, we accept the following benefits:

  • Smartum’s culture saldo
  • Edenred card
  • ePassi
  • Eazybreak

Many museums accept payment with cultural and recreational benefits. Before visiting a museum, you should check the museum’s policy on its website.

Please remember that cultural benefits are personal, so you can only use them to buy a Museum Card for yourself. The law forbids buying gifts with cultural benefits.

You can buy a new Museum Card here. If you want to extend the period of validity of your existing card, you can do it here. If your Museum Card is still valid, its period of validity will be extended by 12 months. If your card is no longer valid, the new period of validity (12 months) will begin from the date of purchase.

With the Museum Card, you get to experience Finland’s biggest, most important and most interesting museums, as well as local treasures. Whether you are a history buff, art or design admirer, nature lover, technology wizard or ice hockey enthusiast, you will have plenty to see and experience. You can visit a museum at any time!

Buy a Museum Card with cultural benefits

Extend the period of validity of your card with cultural benefits

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