Hundreds of experiences in Finland with a single card – bring a Museum Card as your travel companion!

Enjoy the best experiences of the summer and experience Finland from new perspectives with a Museum Card. More than 360 museums around the country offer endless ideas for summer. Image: Vilja Harala / Museum Card

Enjoy summer days with a Museum Card! Explore medieval castles, spectacular gardens, stunning artist’s homes and other enchanting summer attractions. Explore new exhibitions and take advantage of museum and hotel benefits. See what you can experience with a Museum Card this summer.

The Museum Card is the best travel companion for a thrifty domestic traveller. With unlimited access to more than 360 museums, there’s something to see every day of the summer – rain or shine.

Experience the best attractions in Finland, visit the summer’s most talked-about exhibitions and find the nicest places to stop along the way to the summer cottage. The Museum Card also gives you access to almost a hundred benefits, including discounts with more than 30 hotels across the country.

Experience the summer’s best attractions with a Museum Card

Buy a Museum Card (€79/€73) at a museum or online. The year-long ticket to more than 360 museums offers a huge number of things to see throughout Finland. You can also pay for a Museum Card by using your cultural benefits.

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Located in Savonlinna, Olavinlinna Castle is one of the most popular places to visit in Finland. Image: Ella Karttunen / Museokortti

Experience your favourite attractions and discover local hidden gems

Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna, Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki and the Museumship Pommern in the Åland Islands are well-known attractions, but did you know that a Museum Card also lets you visit a real prison, explore Finland’s most spectacular gardens or take a peek at the homes of some of the most famous Finns?

Experience the long-time favourites from the science centre Heureka to Turku Castle, visit the homes of the former president Urho Kekkonen, composer Jean Sibelius and other famous Finns, or learn something new about Finland in the museums near your summer destination. Museums are also a great source of inspiration: get tips on gardening, crop cultivation and the interior design of different periods.

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This summer’s exhibitions feature hyper-realistic sculptures, surrealist art and the work of fashion designer Jukka Rintala. Images: The Tampere Art Museum, the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art and the Craft Museum of Finland.

Enjoy this summer’s exhibitions: Finnish classics, street art, fashion icons and top names from around the world

Museums all over Finland will be presenting exciting new exhibitions this summer. Wonder at hyper-realistic art in Tampere, experience graffiti artist EGS’s utopian embassy in Helsinki, admire fashion designer Jukka Rintala’s creations or go to Jyväskylä to find out what Alvar Aalto and skateboarding have in common

Exhibited works by well-known international artists include works by the French contemporary artist Jean-Michel Othoniel and the American photographer Gregory Crewdson’s portrayals of the American middle class.

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Find the nicest places to stop in Finland with the Museum Card journey planner. In Porvoo, you can stroll through the lush garden of J. L. Runeberg’s Home Museum. Image: Ella Karttunen / Museokortti

Do you know how many museums there are along the way to your summer destination?

Find new places to stop at for your summer drives in the Museum Card journey planner. Whether you’re heading for your cottage, a festival or another summer destination, our journey planner will help you find alternatives to your usual rest stops. You can also use the journey planner to plan tours or bike trips in Finland.

By entering your travel plans into the Museum Card journey planner, you will be able to see all the museums along your route on a map. Museums are nice places to stop at during long drives: stretch your legs by walking around exhibitions, enjoy the restaurants and cafés and find gifts in museum shops.

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Remember to take advantage of your benefits during your summer trips. The Museum Card benefits include deals with the most comfortable hotels, special offers for museum cafés and restaurants and discounts on high-quality products from museum shops. Image: Ella Karttunen / Museokortti

A museum card is more than just an admission ticket – you also get hotel and museum benefits

A museum card is not only your ticket to 360 museums but also a card that offers benefits for culture lovers. Right now, the card offers almost a hundred benefits with museums and our partners.

Whether you’re looking for a city hotel, a cottage or an idyllic manor, you will find what you're looking for among our more than 30 hotel benefits. Many museums also offer benefits for Museum Card holders. Spend a refreshing break in a museum cafés or restaurant, find gifts on special offer in museum shops or make the most of your museum visits with guided tours and events.

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Please note, that the benefits can only be found in Finnish.

A Museum Card is the best summer travel companion

Buy a Museum Card (€79/€73) at a museum or online. Visit museums on summer trips and enjoy Finnish attractions from Åland to Inari. Visit your favourites, try new attractions and be surprised by experiences – the Museum Card offers you more than 360 holiday ideas for the summer.

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