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Pluriverse – Non-European Art

Kuopio Art Museum, Kuopio

  • 16.9.2023–26.11.2023

When a trip is cancelled and all you have is an empty suitcase, an art collection can be born.


Pluriverse presents non-European art from Antti Mykknen's collection. When a trip is cancelled and all you have is an empty suitcase, an art collection can be born. Antti Mykknens sailing trip in 2015 transformed into roaming in the galleries and art shops of South America. Since then, he has continued his meticulously planned art travel to more than 150 countries. The suitcase has been an important decisive factor of art collector Antti Mykknens purchase decisions, as he had to transport the paintings home himself.

Mykknen, born in Pielavesi, has always been subconsciously attracted to art. He says that he stopped on the streets at galleries and colourful paintings. The stops led to art shops and soon art shops became a part of travel. Mykknen has focused on collecting non-European art.

The exhibition features works from more than 80 countries and includes more than 120 artists. Pluriverse states the question: who defines art, good art? Throughout history, European culture has tried to influence the cultures of the rest of the world. Western art and art museums are seen as the bastions of good art. The artists of the Pluriverse exhibition are from all over the world, from very different circumstances. The artworks have still gone through many selections: the artist, the collector, and finally the art museum. Someones gaze always chooses what it likes.

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Kuopio Art Museum, Kauppakatu 35, 70100 Kuopio


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