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The Maritime Museum of Finland

The Maritime Museum of Finland is situated in the Maritime Centre Vellamo at the old City Port of Kotka.

At the Maritime Museum of Finland you can travel on the sea through time and place, on ships, at ports, in distant countries and on familiar shores. The fixed points of the voyage are the North Star of our northern sky and the Southern Cross of the southern hemisphere, which guide travellers both on the home waters and far-away oceans. Winter navigation and ice are also covered in the main exhibition. Icebreaker Tarmo in open during the summer season.

You can find information on Vellamo's exhibitions by visiting the profiles of the Maritime Museum of Finland, the Museum of Kymenlaakso and the Icebreaker Tarmo or www.merikeskusvellamo.fi

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Museum contact details

The Maritime Museum of Finland
Tornatorintie 99

040 350 0497

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Admission fees

Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card

12/6/0 €

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Käteinen, yleisimmät pankki- ja luottokortit, Museokortti, Smartum Liikunta- ja kulttuurisetelit, Tyky+ sekä VIRIKESETELI® ja TICKET VIRIKE®.

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Opening hours

Valtioneuvoston päätöksen mukaisesti valtion ja kuntien museot ovat suljettuina 13. huhtikuuta saakka. Yksityisen ja kolmannen sektorin toimijoiden suositellaan toimivan samoin.

Guided tours

A general guided tour of one hour at Maritime Centre Vellamo will introduce the visitor to the main themes of both the Maritime Museum of Finland and the Museum of Kymenlaakso. You can order a general guided tour in Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Russian according to availability. The recommended maximum size of a group is 25 persons. The price of the tour (1 h) is 60 €/guide.