Mechanical Music Museum

Pelimanninkatu 8,
78850 Varkaus

Have you ever before seen an ingenious musical instrument that plays the violin and conjures up a wonderful musical performance of the top violinist's tunes?


Or how a grand orchestrion magically plays monumental orchestra music without the presence of dozens of players? Or when a piano or an accordion plays without an actual musician? Restaurants and bars have always been full of music without DJ's and happy songs have always been played in the streets and market places way before modern audio equipment or sound systems. In some means also the works of the top composers and musicians have been recorded to the posterity.

Visit our museum and experience how music has been played before the mp3-player, compact discs, mini-discs or hifi-systems. With our guide's action-packed show, playing and singing you will travel through the halls of our museum and the different eras of music to see, to hear and to enjoy the mechanical music and the unique, remarkable devices.

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Mechanical Music Museum
Pelimanninkatu 8, 78850 Varkaus

+35850 590 9297

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Mechanical Music Museum, Pelimanninkatu 8, 78850 Varkaus


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