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Loima art house

Loimaa Art House aims to be much more than just a presentation of town-owned collections: it tells of local tradition and education, and gives a holistic view of the home town depicted in its local visual arts.

Loimaa Art House is an essential and important addition to the art life of Loimaa. In the museum halls selections from the donated Haapanen Collection are on display, alongside changing and touring exhibitions. The first floor remains in use for art education.

Construction was funded partly by the Ministry of Education, the Center of Employment and Economic Development Offices, and the Vihanto Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation. South West Finland´s Riverside Partners´ Action Team aided in the development plan for the utilization of the building.

Renovation of the Art House was devised by SAFA Architect Pasi Mäkinen.

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Loima art house
Rantatie 2, 32200

050 470 8767

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Admission with Museum Card


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Valtioneuvoston päätöksen mukaisesti valtion ja kuntien museot ovat suljettuina 13. huhtikuuta saakka. Yksityisen ja kolmannen sektorin toimijoiden suositellaan toimivan samoin.

Guided tours

Guided tours available on opening hours and by arrangement. Phone +35850 470 8767