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The Life in Inkilnhovi in the Early 20th Century as Depicted by Miller Siblings

, Mikkeli

  • 19.5.2022–15.10.2022


The history of Inkil Manor in Juva dates back to the 16th century. At that time, the region was called Laihaniemi. The man named Inki was the one who started the story: in 1572, Ingila is said to have hadthree horses, three cows, seven sheep, and a goat. The tradition has been preserved.

Over the centuries, Inkilnhovi has changed hands several times. Gunsmith Tuomas Juhonpoika owned the manor in the 17th century. He left the still-used name Sepnniemi.

During the Great Northern War in the early 18th century, the Tawast brothers bought the manor. Their sister Kristina Tawast married Livian Kristian Wahl. It is believed that Wahl would have imported a peavariety from the Baltics, known in the Lund Gene Bank as Inkil pea”.

The great boom of Inkil was experienced during the Poppius family in the late 18th century and early 19th century. The Poppians were a priestly family from Juva and also owned the Vehmaa manor.

The manor was bought from the inheritance of Poppius in 1847 by Sergeant Karl Miller, whose family owned the manor until the 1970s, when opera singer Martti and his wife Annukka Talvela bought thefarm. The Inkilnhovi underwent extensive renovations during 1979–81. Talvelas interest in organic farming arose in the years when the family lived in Central Europe and the United States, from whereeco-thinking also began to spread to Finland.

After Martti Talvela's death in 1989, the manor was owned by Talvelas daughter Johanna with her husband Severi Hirvonen. The trade is organic farming and sheep farming.

Photography developed into a major form of recording in the era of the Miller family. The estate of Inkilnhovi consists of twenty photo albums and thousands of photos. Only a few albums compiled by Ella,Hugo and August (Atte) Miller have been selected for this exhibition. It is not clear exactly which shots from those albums were typed by anyone. Thus, there may be several Miller shots in this exhibition inaddition to the trio mentioned.

On the one hand, the subjects of Millers photographs are snapshots commonly seen in family albums, on the other hand, they tell of the photographers efforts to create something classic – the GoldenAge of Finnish Art was lived at that time, and Millers could not have avoided seeing Albert Edelfelt's or Akseli Gallen-Kallela's paintings.

The pictures in the exhibition are from the collections of Johanna Hirvonen / Inkilnhovi, Heikki Miller, Risto Miller and Torsti Miller.

The exhibition is curated and executed by Olli Jaatinen, MA, the artistic director of the Mikkeli Centre of Photography.

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