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Fokus Gallery: Inspired by the von Wright Brothers

Ateneum Art Museum

  • 2.6.2020–30.8.2020

Art classics have, through the ages, served as sources of inspiration for artists and designers.


The exhibition staged in the Fokus gallery looks at works by the von Wright brothers that have inspired, for example, craft enthusiasts and street fashion designers.

Artist brothers Magnus (18051868), Wilhelm (18101887) and Ferdinand (18221906) von Wright liked to depict birds, fish, plants and landscapes in their artworks, based on meticulous natural observation. The familiar and vivid motifs make their works easily accessible.

The von Wright brothers works on natural motifs have also inspired contemporary street fashion design. Their highly detailed motifs, rendered with scientific accuracy, have been used on skateboards, or as silk screen patterns on printed fabrics.

The exhibition features 19 works and a number of sketchbooks by the von Wright brothers. Other features include Makia Clothing sketches that capture the process of designing clothes, and skateboards by Seven Inch Skateboards.

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