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Stories from the River Pielisjoki

North Karelian Museum Hilma, Joensuu

  • 19.8.2020–17.1.2021

The exhibition explores the life, the history and important places along the River Pielisjoki in North Karelia.


The River Pielisjoki runs 67 kilometres in the heart of North Karelia, connecting two great lakes, Lake Pielinen and Lake Pyhselk. For decades, it has provided a source of livelihood to North Karelians in the forms of fishing, timber rafting and woodworking industry.

The exhibition travels all the way from the starting point of the river in Uimaharju to its end in the city of Joensuu. Along the way, history comes alive with the help of photographs, everyday objects, a video installation, and peoples stories about the river.

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