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1.12.2017–December 2019

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Space Country Finland

Finnish steps to space!

Finland has gone from observing the Sputnik satellite to becoming an expert on the universe and an authority on space weather. Joining the European Space Association (ESA), the Nordic Optical Telescope project (NOT) and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) made it possible for our country to establish networks in European space research and collaboration. And what will the future hold?

Today, many Finnish universities, research institutes and companies that manufacture state-of-the-art equipment are involved in the country’s space efforts. Finland has also recently launched its first nanosatellites, which will provide new kinds of commercial opportunities. And how can the rest of us benefit from this space expertise? Even though we may not always be aware of it, space has become part of our everyday lives. You may even have some space technology in your pocket!

The new small-scale exhibition presents Finnish space research along with devices made in Finland that were sent into space, such as the first space instrument manufactured in Finland, the ASPERA Analyser of Space Plasma and Energetic Atoms, which was sent to Mars. The exhibition’s probes and satellite models will give you another perspective on Finnish space expertise.

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