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A good person – why does the Holocaust affect us too?

Post Museum, Tampere

  • 2.2.2024–26.5.2024

Exhibition explains why a Finnish beer restaurant in Berlin became a target for antifascists in 2019.


The exhibition reveals how the Holocaust during World War II has been dealt with at different speeds in Germany and Finland: how the differences in the way the Holocaust is dealt with and the processes involved have influenced peoples views, the way they remember and commemorate the events and acts of World War II – and what all this brings about when cultures meet. Extreme right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism has continued to grow both in Germany, but has also become increasingly visible in Finland. The events in Gaza have further intensified the confrontation.

The exhibition content was produced by journalist Mari Lukkari and cartoonist Hannele Richert.

The exhibitions in the new collaborative space Kupla, which opens on 2nd February, takes a stand and reflects on the phenomena of communication, games, post and digital life from different perspectives.

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