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Hilja Raviniemi: A Touch of Blue

The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki

  • 15.9.2023–14.1.2024

The Autumn 2023 collection exhibition presents an unprecedented exhibition of the work of the pioneering and multi-talented photographer Hilja Raviniemi.


Hilja Raviniemi (ne Nieminen, 1915–1973) dedicated her life to art photography at a time when it was still a niche phenomenon in Finland. The art photography scenes consisted of amateur photographers clubs regional and international exhibitions. Letters from international exhibitions addressed to Mr. Hilja Raviniemi” show that photographers were assumed to be men. Hard work helped Hili” rise to the top of the male-dominated world of amateur photographers clubs. She was the first woman to become chair of the Association of Finnish Camera Clubs, and she was awarded the international honEFIAP title, which was only allowed to be simultaneously carried by a select few photographers in the world.

After her more traditional early work, Raviniemi explored the infinite creative possibilities offered by the darkroom, especially in the 1960s. Her recognizable blue era, which differed from the stark black-and-white art photography of the time, began in the late 1960s. Chemist by profession, Raviniemi was an ingenious artist in the darkroom. In addition to blue-tinted prints, she also created completely abstract photographic artworks using different techniques. Raviniemis workplace at the University of Helsinki photography department laboratory also allowed her to make the first artistic radiographic images in Finland. Hundreds of Raviniemis radiographic works have been preserved and make up an exceptional ensemble of works in the history of Finnish art photography. In the current exhibition, carefully constructed exhibition prints are accompanied by experimental material that grants us a glimpse of Raviniemis curious personality and sense of humor, along with eccentric pictures of cats.

Hiljas husband, chemist Eero Raviniemi (1911–1996) was also an accomplished photographer and pioneer of color photography in Finland. After Eeros death, the Raviniemi familys photography collection was donated to the Finnish Museum of Photography.

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