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Props in Focus

Theatre Museum, Helsinki

  • 31.3.2023–7.1.2024

It can be as small as a pin or as large as a dinosaur. It can be a stone found in nature or an object made by man.


It can be of any size, made of any material, in any form whatsoever. On the stage, the object becomes an accessory with a role to play.

The exhibition Props in Focus highlights the role of props in the exhibition and gives it the value it deserves. From the point of view of the whole, the role of the props is central both as an element and as a driver of the dramaturgy. Props in Focus offer artefacts as symbols, meanings, materials, techniques, objects, elements, replicas, stories – seeing, telling, carrying, and questioning.

In the exhibition you will be able to feast your eyes on props, take a peek to the studio of a prop maker and explore props and its role from many different angles. The work of a prop professional is a process of thinking, exploration, and discovery. It is about looking to the past, present and future. It is about creativity, courage to experiment and ability to see differently. Props point to a place or time, carry the plot, act as a counter-actor, distances, sets boundaries, creates associations, makes you think, takes a stand, politicises, angers, decorates, delights, disgusts and amuses. It is a nerve-rack between the mind of the viewer and the image on the stage. Not only is it a fiction – it works.

After seeing this exhibition, you will know more, see more, feel more.

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