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BIJIN KAGAMI – Reflections of Beauty

Old Kuopio Museum, Kuopio

  • 11.11.2021–10.4.2022

Exhibition at Old Kuopio Museum offers a journey in time to historical Japan. Japanese ukiyo-e prints from Tuula Moilanen Collection.


Old Kuopio Museum opens a new exhibition of Japanese art. The 60 original ukiyo-e woodblock prints offer a glimpse to the secret world of the geisha. The famous beauties were glamorous celebrities of their time. Their hairstyle and make-up were portraited in art, and enthusiastically imitated by their contemporaries in the great city of Edo. Popular ukiyo-e prints spread the latest kimono and hair-do fashion wide and far. The visitors of the exhibition also get to enjoy a dose of theatre magic. The life and styles of the celebrated kabuki stars were eagerly followed. Ukiyo-e prints show the actors in their grand and colourful masks also introducing the titillating mix of gender roles on stage.

The ukiyo-e were created by the greatest artists of the Edo period. Among the masters in the exhibition are Keisai EISEN (1791-1848), Suzuki HARUNOBU (active 1760-1770), Utagawa KUNISADA (1786-1864), Toshusai SHARAKU (aktive 1794-1795) and Kitagawa UTAMARO (1753-1806).

The charm of classical ukiyo-e prints does not fade in time. The artwork included in the exhibition are a part of artist Tuula Moilanens private collection. Moilanen, a woodblock print artist herself, lived over 20 years in Kyoto, Japan. The woodblock prints have been her inspiration and a field of study for decades. The exhibition was produced by Asian arts collective Eye on Art, artist Tuula Moilanen (DA) and art historian Irene Wai Lwin Moe (PhD).

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