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Hope from Wood

Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki

  • 10.9.2021–10.4.2022

The Museum of Finnish Architecture's main exhibition this autumn and winter, titled Hope from Wood, looks at wooden architecture from the perspective of the hope it inspires in people.


In the multi-disciplinary exhibition one can observe and experience the whole range of human emotions, from hope to despair, and from love to sadness due to loss. The exhibition covers a time span extending from the early achievements of wood construction to the algorithmic architecture of the future. The exhibition also explores the kind of emotions captured in wood in an era of climate crisis.

In Finland there are more than 800 places with the name Toivola [toivo = hope]; villages, farms and houses, most of which are built of wood. Preserving the existing building stock is a declaration of love for the building heritage – but it is also climate wisdom. The exhibition explores the treasure chest of the past in looking for inspiration for contemporary architecture and answers to the questions of what kind of hope, and whose hope, is bound to wood at different times. Exhibition visitors can read love letters to the architectural heritage, written by architecture professionals as well as the author Tommi Kinnunen, documentary filmmaker Virpi Suutari, and founder of Pelastetaan vanhat talot [Save the Old Houses] Pia Kuurma.

Over the past decade, wood has increasingly begun to appear among the prize-winning entries in architectural competitions. The awards reflect the values of the time and are a message to the existing surroundings about the kind of construction that people desire in the future. A new kind of wood building is now spreading throughout Finland in the form of schools and day-care centres. The hope is also that there will be an increase in the number of wooden high-rise residential blocks, but there is currently a chasm between hope and reality. The exhibition asks why that is the case.

As the climate crisis deepens, wood is being shouldered with the role of a saviour, as the use of wood reduces the carbon footprint in building construction. A single material on its own, however, can hardly solve all the challenges we face. Construction consumes a huge amount of the Earths resources, and architects, as well as the entire building industry, can have a say in what kind of future we are moving towards.

In the exhibition, the future is examined without any preconceptions. What, for example, could be a song for the architecture of the future? The exhibition features music by singer-songwriter Matti Johannes Koivu, and composer and sound artist Tytti Arola.

The Hope from Wood exhibition has been curated by cultural journalist Minna Joenniemi. The exhibition will be realised with the support of the Wood Building Programme of the Ministry of the Environment.

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