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Suomenlinna as a fortress of three nations

Suomenlinna Museum, Helsinki

  • 12.5.2021–30.9.2022

three nations
A major exhibition demonstrating the history of Suomenlinna from the 18th century all the way to the 2020s will open at the National Archives of Finland and the Suomenlinna Centre on Wednesday 12 May.


The Viapori–Suomenlinna fortress has belonged to three nations: to Sweden from 1748 to 1808, to the Russian Empire from 1808 to 1918, and to Finland since 1918. Because of its diverse history, the fortress is among authentic internationally attractive cultural environments, and is currently also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The archipelago fleet was originally established to protect Sweden against Russia. Housed within the protective walls of Viapori, the fleet commands a central role at the exhibition at the Suomenlinna Museum. The exhibition also presents the work and activities of Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, founder of the Viapori shipyard.
On display are miniature ship models, including one of the minelayer Pohjanmaa, as well as ship drawings, photographs and weapons. The building serving as the venue is also a part of the exhibition. Designed as a warehouse by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman, it was used to store vessel equipment during the winter months.
The exhibition also has a section on maritime archaeology, with illustrative examples of what modern archaeological methods have been able to uncover about the destroyed archipelago fleet.

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