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Ulla-Maija Alanen – Sensing Water: Silence of the Lake

Rauma Art Museum, Rauma

  • 12.6.2021–8.8.2050

Veden taju (Sensing Water) is a journey, streaming like water from one exhibition place to another – like river delta outlets converging on their way to the sea. Jrven hiljaisuus (Silence of the Lake) exhibition at the Rauma Art Museum is a part of this project.


For over ten years, Ulla-Maija Alanen has both deepened and expanded consistently on her long-standing work among water and aquatic plants. After examining the world of water all the way from scenic perspective to macro photography, the artist has dived even deeper and has started to take images with a microscope, as well.

The water is shimmering with a light of its own, created by the diffused light of the water molecules. The mass of water and its light, the soundscape muted by water, and the steady pressure of water on the body create an interior space, where the sensory experience is quite unlike that in the atmosphere. Underwater, neither light nor sound has a source. It is this water-space wherein Alanen works – her only tools the camera, snorkel and mask.

While travelling around and taking photographs, Alanen can move in the water for hours, pausing to take photographs when she encounters something of interest. Her artwork is somewhere in between the traditions of documentary photography and plant portraiture. Alanen does not stage anything, and since the underwater world is in a constant state of flux, learning to be both quick and patient is essential.

Water is a material that unifies all beneath the surface. The self becomes a part of this – after all, we are but a current, our skin the only barrier between us and the water. Alanen says that while photographing the aquatic plants, she identifies with them and feels as if she is merging with their sensuous form. The languorous and fluid movements of the plants succumb themselves to the waves and underwater currents. The calm allure of the underwater world provides a sense of peace, where one can forget about time and become a part of the world of water and the great unity,

For a long time now, Alanen has been observing the different underwater growth stages of water lilies – how they reach for the light and a chance to bloom from the dark, muddy bottom. The Silence of the Lake exhibition is focusing on a single water lily. In the exhibition, we will see its noble elevation: forest lake, the water lilys home, and microscope image of the lilys core and cross section of its stalk with jewel-like cells.

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