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Ruisrock 1970 – How it all began

The Sibelius Museum, Turku

  • 10.3.2021–30.10.2021

Our new spring exhibition lets you take your shoes off, pack a tent and set off towards the oak woods of Ruissalo. In 1970, at Ruissalo’s Saaronniemi, Finland’s first rock festival – in the form we’ve come to know them today – was organized, complete with the camping areas, the food stalls and the masses of people.


Turku International Pop & Rock Festival, swiftly dubbed “Ruisrock” (due to its location on Ruissalo) by the youth, was one of the key experiences of the Finnish baby boomer generation. Youth from around the country, and around Europe, were drawn to Turku by the international feel of a rock festival. During the three days, the festival saw performances by artists from the other Nordic countries, Eastern Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, and of course, Finland. The organizers were expecting 5000 attendees, they got 38 000.

Ruisrock 1970 – How it all began tells you how the festival came to be, how everything felt and what it looked like that weekend in August 1970. What was it like to organize a festival nearly eight times larger than expected with no previous experience? The treasures from Antero Laiho’s home archives, photographs by Jouko Keto along with newspaper and film material from the time lead you to the world of peace and love, accompanied of course by music of the era. Come and experience the festival atmosphere from over 50 years ago!

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