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Trench art – handicrafts from the war

Hanko Front Line Museum, Hanko

  • 3.6.2019–

Why did the soldiers make handicrafts? Why was this a typical Finnish chore during the war? And how did the Finnish Defence Force respond to this?


The exhibition at the Hanko Front Museum presents trench art in different shapes, made at the Hanko Front and on the Eastern Front in Karelia during the war. The pieces on display are beautiful and unique pieces of art, and they included both practical utility objects and decorative items. Handicrafts from the war years can still be found in many Finnish homes where they have been kept in the family for decades.

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Hanko Front Line Museum
Hankoniementie, 10820 Lappohja

044 700 1941

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Hanko Front Line Museum, Hankoniementie, 10820 Lappohja


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