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  • 27.6.2020–16.8.2020

The summer exhibition 2020 of Art Center Haihatus - Avantgardevekkula - the inspiring art-experience park in Joutsa.


AVANTGARDEVEKKULA is the 21st summer exhibition of Art Center Haihatus. It is open every week from Wednesday to Sunday 1118 and it is one of the Museum Card museums.
AVANGARDEVEKKULA is an art exhibition in which all the artworks ooze joyful grip on art making. Another connective feature between the exhibitions artists is that many of them work within different art disciplines such as theatre and art. AVANTGARDEVEKKULA waves uniquely between naivistic installations, kinetic sculptures, and dreamy soundscapes. For example, there is an attic disco upstairs in the exhibition house where kinetic sculptures are dancing in an otherworldly manner.
Art Center Haihatus area is wide, and the premises and the art-experience park enable easy-going and safe exhibition experience for the visitors. We follow government set regulations and guidelines to provide a safe exhibition environment, so lets take good care of hygiene and safety gaps!

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