Finnish Toy Museum

3.4.2020 (17.00-21.00)


Eighties Class Reunion

The Toy Museum welcomes all eighties kids to a class reunion!

The event features wonderful eighties events such as a panel debate about the 1980s as a generational experience and an eighties theme song quiz.


Flea Point at 17–21 (Toy Museum, 2nd floor)
Recess is the best! Make nostalgic paper fleas or fill in the slam book in the living room of the exhibition Eighties’ Kids.

Buddy Photos at 17-21 (Toy Museum, 2nd floor)
Return to the eighties of classroom photos and take a picture together with your buddy. The Toy Museum provides eighties apparel for a genuine eighties look.

Candy Kiosk at 17–21 (Toy Museum, 2nd floor)
Number one for a mark and number five for 50 pennies! Exchange your euros for old marks and buy your favourite eighties candy and make wonderful eighties discoveries.

Retro Game Corner at 17–21 (Toy Museum, 2nd floor)
The computer class is back! In this laid back computer classroom you’ll get to play some of the eighties’ kids favourite games. Sit down in the bean bag chair and see if you still got your gaming skills.

Music Quiz at 19 and 20 (Wirkkala-cabinet 1st floor)
Can you recognize the greatest hits of the 1980s? In the Music Quiz you can test your memory.

Eighties’ Kids Panel Debate at 18.00–18.45 (Wirkkala-cabinet 1st floor)
The journalist Aino-Mari Tuuri moderates the discussion about eighties’ childhood as a generational experience. Sitting on the panel are member of parliament Paavo Arhinmäki, artist Mari Kasurinen known for My Little Pop Icons, journalist Henna-Kaisa Sivonen who wrote Kasarikisrja, and researcher and game educator of the year Mikko Meriläinen.
Debate in Finnish.

80s Comics bookmarkworkshop 19.15–20.45 (Toy Museum, 2nd floor)
The internationally recognized artist Mari Kasurinen teaches an art class where you can make bookmarks out of your favourite 80s comics.
Notice! Free entry!

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