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The Lease Period of Porkkala 1944-1956

The exhibition tells about the interesting events when the Porkkala area was leased to the Soviet Union as a naval base.

The strategic location of the Porkkala peninsula at the narrowest and shallowest spot of the Gulf of Finland has affected the history of the area. This also applies for the period of time after the Finnish-Soviet Continuation War 1941-1944. For eleven years the Porkkala area came to be the part of the Soviet Union that the Soviets called Porkkala-Udd in the Leningrad district. After the Second World War Finland lost large areas in the eastern parts of the country and also the Porkkala area that was leased to the Soviet Union for 50 years. More than 7 200 Finns were evacuated and over 30 000 Soviet soldiers and civilians moved to the area. About one third were civilians: families of the officers, nurses, shop assistants, teachers etc. A lot of Soviet children were born during the lease period. Their stories are told in the exhibition, along with the stories of the Finns, who lost their homes but were able to return to their old homes.

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