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Theatre Museum, Helsinki

  • October 2010–December 2025

The Backstage leads visitors behind the scenes and shows what is needed to make a theatre performance.


In the exhibition, we explore performing arts through examples from the Finnish context. You can see and feel theatre costumes, models of stage sets, and props the history and atmosphere of theatre at your fingertips!

The costumes and scale models lead visitors into the bilingual history of Finnish theatre and its ambiguous present. The oldest treasures on display are Ida Aalbergs and Axel Ahlbergs costumes that date back to the days of the Finnish Theatre in the late 1800s. Dripping with the magic of the stage, the costumes and scale models communicate the visual richness of theatre. Finnish actors and plays are paraded in the photo cavalcades of the exhibition.

Backstage you can play the lead if you want. At numerous points throughout the exhibition, you can try things yourself, see how things work, and experience the thrill and joy of performing. At the Dubbing Karaoke you can lend your voice to film actors (in Finnish). You can take on different roles by changing costumes in the Dressing room or by inserting your face into a promo shot at the Makeover game. In the green screen studio you can shoot your own newscast. And finally, two stages await your performance: a traditional proscenium stage and a contemporary platform with lighting and wardrobes.

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Admission with Museum Card


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