• Ellen Thesleff – Sunkiss

    Ellen Thesleff – Sunkiss

    Oulu City Art Museum

    Ellen Thesleff (1869–1954) lived for her art, and her art lives on as impressive and natural as it ever was.

    15.2.2020 - 31.5.2020

  • Emma Ainala - Bitch I'm a dog person

    Emma Ainala - Bitch I'm a dog person

    Hyvinkää Art Museum

    Emma Ainalan yksityisnäyttelyn museon Kaapon galleriassa

    27.3.2020 - 27.9.2020

  • Ingrians – the Forgotten Finns

    Ingrians – the Forgotten Finns

    National Museum of Finland

    Ingrians – the Forgotten Finns tells a story about identity and the importance of collective memory. Made by:...

    24.1.2020 - 26.7.2020

  • The Universe and I

    The Universe and I

    Helsinki Observatory

    Dive into the world of astronomy and the history of the Observatory building!

    1.11.2012 - 31.12.2030

  • Jenni Yppärilä: BUILD-UP

    Jenni Yppärilä: BUILD-UP

    Pori Art Museum

    Pori Art Museum is closed 18.3.-13.4. For Jenni Yppärilä buildings are an expression of lived history and the...

    20.3.2020 - 30.8.2020

  • Moomins and the Sea

    Moomins and the Sea

    Moomin Museum

    This exhibition takes a look at the Moomins’ nature-loving lifestyle through a selection of Jansson’s...

    15.2.2020 - 31.1.2021

  • The Kuntsi Collection

    The Kuntsi Collection

    Kunsthalle Helsinki

    To mark the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Kuntsi Foundation will present a selection of works from...

    7.3.2020 - 19.4.2020

  • Albert Edelfelt and the Romanovs

    Albert Edelfelt and the Romanovs

    Sinebrychoff Art Museum

    This exhibition focuses on Albert Edelfelt’s lesser-known works related to the Russian Imperial family.

    6.2.2020 - 10.5.2020

  • Petra Koivisto: Notes

    Petra Koivisto: Notes

    Seinäjoki Art Hall

    Petra Koivisto's large-scale monotypes are observations of experiences: landscapes, colors and shapes,...

    11.3.2020 - 9.5.2020

  • Generation 2020

    Generation 2020

    Amos Rex

    Generation 2020 is a fascinating peek into the thoughts and art of a rising generation of artists.

    12.2.2020 - 10.5.2020

  • Vivian Maier: The Self-portrait and its Double

    Vivian Maier: The Self-portrait and its Double

    The Finnish Museum of Photography

    Why did an American nanny take thousands of stunning photos that no one ever saw?

    17.1.2020 - 24.5.2020

  • Natalia Goncharova

    Natalia Goncharova

    Ateneum Art Museum

    Natalia Goncharova (1881–1962) is known as a central figure in Russian avant-garde art, inspiring...

    27.2.2020 - 17.5.2020

  • Oispa kaljaa

    Oispa kaljaa

    Hotel and Restaurant Museum

    Oispa kaljaa -näyttely tarjoaa tuoreita näkökulmia olueen ja sen merkitykseen suomalaisessa...

    24.1.2020 - 3.1.2021

  • Stories of Finnish Art

    Stories of Finnish Art

    Ateneum Art Museum

    Stories of Finnish art presents Finland's well-loved classics with a twist. Closed for now according to the...

    18.3.2016 - 31.12.2022

  • Aina mukana - käsilaukun vuosisata

    Aina mukana - käsilaukun vuosisata

    Museum Milavida

    Museo Milavida kertoo helmikuussa avautuvassa näyttelyssään Aina mukana käsilaukun kiehtovan tarinan.

    21.2.2020 - 13.9.2020

  • Mad Love – Seppo Fränti Collection

    Mad Love – Seppo Fränti Collection

    Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

    The Seppo Fränti Collection resonates with a uniquely personal and unaffected fascination with contemporary...

    27.3.2020 - 10.1.2021

  • Life Under Threat

    Life Under Threat

    Sinebrychoff Art Museum

    The Exhibition Life Under Threat contemplates natural phenomena and the relationship of humans to animals and...

    13.2.2020 - 23.8.2020

  • Ajasta allakkaan

    Ajasta allakkaan

    Helsinki Observatory

    Yliopiston almanakkatoimiston ja Observatorion yhteistyössä tekemä näyttely kertoo ikiaikoja ihmistä...

    17.1.2020 - 29.8.2021

  • Kuutti Lavonen - Time and eternity

    Kuutti Lavonen - Time and eternity

    Didrichsen Art Museum

    Kuutti Lavonen's 60th anniversary exhibition presents the artist’s latest works alongside those he considers...

    1.2.2020 - 3.5.2020

  • Photographic Memories of Soviet Vyborg from the 1940s, 50s and 60s

    Photographic Memories of Soviet Vyborg from the 1940s, 50s and 60s

    South Karelia Museum

    Photographic Memories of Soviet Vyborg from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

    21.3.2020 - 24.5.2020

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