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Ding Dong - From Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection

Rovaniemi Art Museum Korundi, Rovaniemi

  • 20.1.2023–16.4.2023

The centerpiece of the Ding Dong exhibition are comic-like, humorous and slightly strange artworks. One of these is Jiri Geller's sculpture Dingdong (2015) after which the exhibition is named. The participants of Rovaniemi Art Museum's The Power from Art project from all over Lapland have also suggested their favorite works to be included in the exhibition.


In the visual arts you often see artworks form a series of several parts or repeating the same theme. The starting point can be a short story as in Katja Tukiainen's Crochet Hook (1999). In the painting a young girl gets on a tram and starts crocheting a long braid. Tukiainen's artwork consists of 10 different parts but only the first four parts of the series have been acquired for the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection. This raises the thought of how the story continues.

"The spark of the art works is in reality, but many things in real life have remained only at the level of thought. I have developed them further in my work", says Katja Tukiainen.

One can see comic-like narratives in prehistoric cave paintings, ancient Egyptian wall paintings and medieval European tapestries. The same theme of panels and strips has continued in films and comics. Popular culture also inspires many artists. In the exhibition the comic book references can be found not only in Katja Tukiainen's Crochet Hook but also in many other artworks.

One may also see seriality in the works temporally. For example Viggo Wallenskld brings references into his art from the stylistic periods of art history. Beside the time perspectives, the exhibition also offers a perspective on Finnish graphic art. The process with several work steps and series of drafts emphasize the serial nature of graphical art. Outi Heiskanen's Street Library (1986) combines graphics and sculpture.

The Power from Art project has taken visual art to different parts of Lapland in live stream workshops. The Ding Dong exhibition features works by several northern artists from the Wihuri Foundation Collection. Hilkka Ukkola, Merja Aletta Ranttila, Tuomas Korkalo and Tom Engblom among others. Ding Dong also highlights never-before-seen artworks from the collection.

The Ding Dong exhibition related workshops will explore the serial narrative with different techniques.

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