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Vajiko Chachkhiani THE NEW YEAR | Pori Art Museum

Pori Art Museum, Pori

  • 14.10.2022–8.1.2023

Vajiko Chachkhiani's two-part installation is an interpretation of Arthur Rimbaud's poem The Orphans' New Year's Gift.


The Orphans' New Year's Gift is a sad tale of the expectations and desires of two orphans at Christmas time, and it carries a special meaning for the artist. The poem was written between 1869 and 1871. In order to convey the emotional impact of Rimbaud's poem to the viewer in the language of sculpture, Chachkhiani uses metaphors.

Chachkhiani is also interested in the concept of a transitional objext that was developed by Donald Winnicott, a specialist in early childhood psychology. A transitional object is a toy or some other object that helps a child's anxiety when they realize their separation from their mother or other primary care give and expand their understanding of the world.

The sense of hope and disillusionment that inhabit Rimbaud's text are given back by Chackhiani in the form of a show that interrogates our deepest fears, desires and emotions, opening up a space of enchantment.
Curators of the exhibition are Anni Venlinen and Luigi Fassi. The exhibition is divided into two exhibition spaces in connection with the lobby. Largest exhibition spaces are currently closed due to upcoming renovations.

Read more about the exhibition: http:/­/­­eng/­exhibitions/­2022/­256/­

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