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Pori Art Museum, Pori

  • 21.1.2022–29.5.2022

The exhibition at the Pori Art Museum is Katayama’s first solo show in Finland, and an intense and concentrated introduction to her photographic oeuvre.


21 January 2022 – 29 May 2022

Curated by Luigi Fassi and Anni Venäläinen

The art and biography of Mari Katayama are directly intertwined. Suffering from congenital tibial hemimelia, Katayama had both legs amputated when she was nine. After entering the Tokyo Art School at the age of 23, Katayama developed a deep reflection on identity as a relationship between the body and the interiority of the person. In her numerous photographic self-portraits she has presented her own body as a living sculpture equipped with embroidered objects and decorated prosthetic limbs.

Bringing to the fore her own body as a chiasma of different configurations, Katayama’s photographs constantly rearticulate the perception of the singular existence of the artist and of the human body. The self-portraits show the artist in a variety of domestic and private situations among intricately embroidered objects, and accompanied by prosthetic legs of various kinds. Some of the latter are functional, others are designed to refashion the artist’s body with decorative accessories.

Katayama interrogates the viewers by confronting them with staged and mundane scenes, in the public space and in intimate scenarios, in which fixed social and cultural norms of able-bodiedness are exposed to be challenged and redefined. Expanding the freedom of choice for the disabled, Katayama’s “High heel project” provides amputees with customized prosthetic high-heel shoes to be used on stage while performing as a singer, model or keynote speaker. Using her body as the site where representations of diversity and identity are inscribed, Katayama explores the tensions between her lived bodily experiences and normative expectations of a functional human body.

The exhibition at the Pori Art Museum is Katayama’s first solo show in Finland, and an intense and concentrated introduction to her photographic oeuvre.

Mari Katayama, bystander#016
© Mari Katayama courtesy of Akio Nagasawa Gallery

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