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Ida Sofia Fleming and Vesa Rahikainen: Liminal Space

Kunsthalle Seinjoki, Seinjoki

  • 22.9.2022–28.1.2023

The focal point of the Liminal Space exhibition by Ida Sofia Fleming and Vesa Rahikainen is a spatial metal and sound sculpture.


The heart of Ida Sofia Fleming and Vesa Rahikainen's exhibition Liminal Space (Vlitila) is a spacious metal sound sculpture. The resonant surface is made of steel plates that have gone through their own cycle to become part of the finished work. They have been burned with fire and dragged on the ground. Having been at the mercy of the weather, they are partly shaped by nature and partly by human touch. The plates have been processed in self-conceptualised ritualistic ways with home-made tools. The process springs from a dialogue with nature, determining in which direction the material's transformation will begin. All this has left visible traces and hidden layers for observers to uncover.

The exhibition invites the viewer into a fragile atmosphere and discusses the ideas of various liminal spaces between life and death and the intermediate spaces between all the inconsequential events of life. Liminal Space is delicate but, at the same time, heavy and deep. The themes of floating and grounding overlap and create a spatial experience for the viewer.

The sculpture in Liminal Space strongly connects to Vintti's spatial features via, e.g. the scale and by mirroring the shape of the round window. Along with the metal sound sculpture, the exhibition presents a video depicting the process as well as the tools used in the process. The exhibition was selected for the Kunsthalle Seinjoki program through the Vintti open call, conducted in 2021.

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