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Recharge Your Brain in the Nature

Haltia The Finnish Nature centre, Espoo

  • 1.5.2021–31.3.2022

This exhibition lets you explore different ways to recharge your brain in nature.


You may have noticed that you enjoy spending time in nature and find a sense of wellness there. This is perfectly natural, because due to evolution – the development of the human species – the human brain has evolved and adapted to living as a part of the natural environment. In our modern-day lives, the daily flood of sensory stimuli, the constant bustle and feeling of rush can be very straining for our brain. In the long run, this strain will cause us stress and possibly even different illnesses. Spending time in nature is a great way to counterbalance the stress and the feeling of rush. Nature helps us calm our mind and brain and promotes our health in many different ways.

Natures impact on our well-being has also been demonstrated in many studies. This exhibition lets you explore different ways to recharge your brain in nature. After seeing the exhibition, we hope that you will take a Roadmap to a healthy brain with you and take your brain back to nature!

The exhibition has been implemented in cooperation with the Finnish Brain Association and Folkhlsan.

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Haltia The Finnish Nature centre
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Haltia The Finnish Nature centre, Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo


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