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Jaana Maijala & Ville Linna: Stump of Prometheus: Stay together

Seinjoki Art Hall, Seinjoki

  • 1.4.2021–29.5.2021


Prometheuksen kanto: Pysyk yhdess (Stump of Prometheus: Stay together) by Jaana Maijala and Ville Linna is a part of the artists project that started in 2018. It documents endangered and historically significant old trees photographing and recording them. Recordings are made with a self-built bioacustic indicator that transforms the electric current in the trees to sound audible to human ear. The first part of the project was exhibited at the Lapua Art Museum in the Fall 2020.

To Vintti, Maijala and Linna create an installation that explores plant biology and its possibilities to produce sound and image. How does human kind interpret the information produced by the plants? The devices by Ville Linna pick up information from the plants and tranfer it in the instruments in the exhibition space. Jaana Maijala explores the biological boundaries of visual art and the works surround the space and sound. Together the elements in the exhibition create an entity where the spectator can observe the upcoming spring.

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