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Ethical Animal

Saarijrvi Museum, Saarijrvi

  • 18.5.2021–24.10.2021

Ten artists reflect on their relationship to animal.


Since 2011 the Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry has been preparing a new Animal Welfare Act, which would be based on the premise that an animal is a sentient and respectful creature. There is already a slight taste of this: it has been recognized that fish experience pain and the Finnish Animal Welfare Act has stipulated that fish must be killed immediately after capture without causing unnecessary pain. In the beginning of time, there was an abundance of animal species on Earth. One of the animals developed the skill of using the thumb and the brain grew to support the use of the thumb.

Now man has taken over the whole earth and uses other animal species and the earth to his advantage. This is wreaking havoc on the earth, animal species will also become extinct by man. In addition to the pursuit of exploitation, man is able to reflect on ethical values ​​with his big brain. It would therefore be high time to ask what is ethically correct in relation to man in relation to animal. I invited ten artists to reflect on their relationship to the animal, the ethical animal.

-Pivi Merilinen, the convener of the exhibition koollekutsuja

The artists are Tuomo Blomqvist, Aino Kajaniemi, Virpi Lehto, Kristiina Lempiinen-Trzaska, Pivi Merilinen, Johanna Mkitalo, Merja Nyknen, Kirsi Tapper, Ulla Virta, Seppo Uuranmki and Laura Pohjonen.

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