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SKOOl! - Tampere Artists´Association 100 Years

Tampere Art Museum, Tampere

  • 28.11.2020–23.5.2021

The exhibition focuses on the early and present days of the Tampere Artists’ Association, the contemporary art of two different 20´s.


The Tampere Artists’ Association is the second oldest artists’ association in Finland. This year it celebrated its glorious 100th anniversary. The Tampere Art Museum is turning 90 next year, making it one of the oldest municipal art museums in Finland. The journey has been mostly shared, and milestones have been achieved both together and separately.

A hundred years ago, 40 artists and friends of art from various fields joined the Tampere Artists’ Association at its founding meeting. In 2020, there are about 280 artists in the Artists’ Association’s membership rolls. Over 90 years, the collections of the Tampere Art Museum have grown from a few dozen works in the early years to 15 000 today and into the second largest public art collection in Finland. Local art is well represented in the collection, with almost 180 works from artists considered native to Tampere or the Pirkanmaa region.

On display on the top floor of the Art Museum are works from the collections administered by the Tampere Art Museum by twenty artists who joined the Tampere Artists’ Association between 1920–1935. The ground and middle floors of the museum introduce seventeen of the Artists’ Association’s young artists.

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Tampere Art Museum
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Tampere Art Museum, Puutarhakatu 34, 33230 Tampere


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Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card

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