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Magnus Enckell

Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki

  • 23.10.2020–14.2.2021

The exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of the work of one of the most significant names of the golden age of Finnish art, and presents him as a multifaceted cultural influencer.


Magnus Enckell is one of the key artists of the golden age of Finnish art in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and yet only some of his work is known. The Ateneum exhibition offers a diverse overview of Enckells entire oeuvre from five different decades.

The exhibition presents many previously unknown works, sketchbooks, pieces from Enckells extensive body of drawings, and photographs from his own archive. The exhibition presents Enckells work, from the early pieces he created when studying at a drawing school to the mythological works of the 1920s.

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