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Rauma Art Museum

  • 11.6.2020–9.8.2020

Jubilee exhibition for Sanna Saarinen, 25 years as an artist
at Rauma Art Museum's storeroom and cattle shed.


Sanna Saarinen from Eura (born in 1968) is a locally very well known scrap artist, who has been part of the art scene in Rauma and Satakunta region since the 1990s. In addition to actively preparing exhibitions, she has made several public artworks for Eura and the nearby areas. Craftsmanship has played a central role in the works of this artist with a degree in textile industry. Her artwork started having sculpture-like characteristics already in the early stage. Scrap metal came into the picture later on, and the idea of combining it with soft textile materials started to appeal to the artist. The contrast of the materials attracted her.
Sanna Saarinen is celebrating her artist career of 25 years with a summer exhibition in the courtyard buildings of the art museum. The exhibition, which goes by the name FACE TO FACE / SIDE BY SIDE, consists of new works of art, with which she addresses confronting difference and finding similarities.

The courtyard exhibitions have free entrance.

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