Stundars Open Air Museum and Centre of Culture and Art

15.7.2020 (11-16)


Textil Day

Get to know Ostrobothnian textile tradition!

This theme day offers visitors the chance to learn more about Ostrobothnian textile traditions through guided tours, exhibitions and display stations. You can watch ribbon weaving, loom weaving, knitting and sock darning. Laundry is done outdoors using time-honoured methods and you can see the hand-operated wooden washing machine. Our visitors can wring out their own sheets with the large stone mangle from the early 1900s. You can also embroider or mark your partner’s or your own initials on your sheets, with the help of your Stundars’ guide. Join this theme day and learn more about local textile traditions!

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Stundars Open Air Museum and Centre of Culture and Art
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Admission with Museum Card

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