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The photo exhibition on the third floor of Tikanoja Art Museum tells about Vaasa’s nearly uninterrupted chain of collectors, which has had a great significance to the town’s cultural life.

How have the collections that now reside in museums looked like when they were a part of the interior of a private home? What kind of town has collectors’ Vaasa been like and where have they crossed paths? In addition to each other, the collectors are also juxtaposed with other Finnish collectors, like Emil Aaltonen from Tampere.

The main roles in the exhibition belongs to Karl Hedman (1864-1931) and Frithjof Tikanoja (1877–1964). Hedman was a Vaasa-born physician and an avid collector of fine art and antiquities. In 1890s he joined the board of Ostrobothnia’s Historical Museum Association and had a significant impact on the operating of the museum. He bequeathed his collections to the Hedman Foundation he had himself established. They are still an integral part of the Ostrobothnian Museum’s collections. Frithjof Tikanoja founded the wholesale firm Lassila & Tikanoja in 1905 with his business partner. His success in the commercial world enabled him to build an art collection, which included both Finnish and international masterpieces. In 1951 Tikanoja donated his collection, as well as his home, to Vaasa municipality.

In addition to Hedman and Tikanoja, also three other collectors from Vaasa are included in the exhibition. Herman F. Antell (1847–1893), who was born in Vaasa, is well known for his large donation to the National Museum of Finland. Simo Kuntsi (1913–1984) made a successful career in service of the Vaasa Steam Mill Corporation and put together an important collection of Finnish and international modern art between 1950s and 1980s. Dentist Lars Swanljung (b. 1944) bought his first artwork in 1988 and has since then acquired a significant collection of Finnish and Nordic contemporary art.

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