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Eric Adlercreutz – The architect's pen meets the paper

Seven decades of sketches and drawings by the architect Eric Adlercreutz.

The Alvar Aalto Museum’s autumn exhibition brings the public face to face with sketches and drawings by the architect Eric Adlercreutz (b. 1935). It tells us about his work as an architect and his passion for drawing.
Ever since his first trip to Italy, Adlercreutz has been recording street views and landscapes in Finland and the Mediterranean region on his sketch pads. The architettura minore style of buildings in Italy’s small towns has inspired generations of architects and architecture students throughout the decades, and journeys to the roots of European architecture have been an integral part of their studies. Adlercreutz’s six years working at Alvar Aalto architect’s office reinforced the enthusiasm this skilled wielder of pen and pencil felt for Italian architecture, an enthusiasm he still feels today.
For Adlercreutz drawing means thinking – a collaboration between brain and hand, and a multifaceted way of contemplating things seen and experienced. The drawings in the exhibition allow us to study the architect’s way of working, as the drawer’s pen seeks ways of enacting the dialogue between a building and its surroundings.

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