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Whispering Birches

The exhibition presents the combination of poems and photographs from the book “Whispering Birches”.

The exhibition “Whispering Birches” presents the pairs of poems and photographs from the book “Whispering Birches”. The photographer József Timár travelled around Finland as a part of his expedition, and diverse birches revealed a whole new, amazing world for him. He photographed birches for half a year, fascinated by their beauty and inspired by their versatility, as the trees constantly offered him something new and special.

The photos are combined with thirteen poems written in the Finnish, Swedish and Sámi languages by the Finnish poets who got inspired by the illustrations they had chosen from the selection. For example, the writer Bo Carpelan made 13 poems for the book. The memory of this diverse, internationally acclaimed writer who passed away in 2011 lives on in these previously unpublished poems.
We should thank Pentti Saaritsa for the name "Whispering birches", as he drew Timár's attention to the text of Aaro Hellaakoski which became the opening poem of the collection. "Whispering birches" was published in Camera Poetica book series in Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Hungarian.

The poems are composed by Risto Ahti, Inger-Mari Aikio-Arianaick (Ima), Bo Carpelan, Aaro Hellaakoski, Anne Hänninen, Vilja-Tuulia Huotarinen, Jouni Inkala, Juhani Kellosalo, Toivo Laakso, Kirste Paltto, Joni Pyysalo, Henrika Ringbom, Pentti Saaritsa and Johanna Venho.
The exhibition is a part of The Hungarian Cultural Weeks.

The exhibition takes place in the lobby of Lusto museum from September 16th, 2019 to January 12th, 2020. Free admission to the lobby.

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