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Rain Clouds and Sun Rays

Rain Clouds and Sun Rays - Artists' Skies through the Eyes of a Meteorologist

Weather in all its many and greatly varying forms, surrounds us everywhere, all over the world. The world of paintings also depicts weather, fascinating skies and clouds. Some of the painted skies follow the laws of meteorology, while others are imaginary or intended for something completely different than meteorological study. Despite this, they can be studied with original ideas, and the clouds can even be named according to the International Cloud Atlas.

The skies in the paintings are frozen in time, but they can be brought to life to reveal past and future weather. Many paintings – whether they show the sky or not – give some kind of signal or sensation about the weather. A grey curtain of clouds on the horizon creates the sense of impending rain. The base of a dark cloud recalls the boom of thunder. The cold air of a clear winter morning pinches your cheeks. Bending treetops evoke the sound of the hum of the wind. The scent of mouldering plants hangs in the air in a foggy autumn landscape. When waves hit the rocks on the seashore, you can taste the salt in the seawater. In their paintings, artists have made their thoughts visible and eye-catching. Let's allow the weather in paintings to touch our skin!

Welcome to the Rain Clouds and Sun Rays exhibition!

The exhibition is curated by Finnish meteorologist Seija Paasonen, who is known especially for her work for Finland's national public broadcasting company Yle. The exhibition is based on her studies on weather phenomena depicted in art. The exhibition consists of works of art from the collections of Järvenpää art museum and from other Finnish museums. The works are mainly from the golden age of Finnish painting in the late 18th and early 19th century.

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